Sales and Marketing Scorecard Template, measure & report your Sales and Marketing results

Built in MS Excel for easy editing and customization, this Sales and Marketing SCORECARD Template helps you measure and report on your monthly and annual sales and marketing results. Accountability just became achievable!

Homebased Business Startup Checklist – Use this checklist to make sure that you cover all your steps when starting a homebased business. Download –

Sales Rep Evaluation Checklist – Use this checklist when evaluating different sales representatives with whom you might contract to sell your goods. Download –

Income Statement – Quarterly – Microsoft Excel Template

Use this interactive spreadsheet to accumulates and total income statement items for four quarters.

Risk Management Worksheet – While insurance is a must to protect your business, you can also control your exposure to risk by instituting programs to minimize it. Use this checklist to get started. Download –

Office Essentials Checklist – When setting up a new office–or sprucing up an old one–use this checklist to keep track of the technology, furniture and supplies you may need. Download –

Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist – Before you begin your market research campaign, use this form to analyze the costs. Download –

Manufacturer Analysis Checklist – Use this form to help you plan an efficient layout for your manufacturing site. Download –

Website Maintenance Contract Template

This document has 14 different sections such as Maintenance Limitations, Client and Third Party Site Modifications, Upgrading Packages, and more.

Website Design Contract Template

The contracts that we have provided aren’t just any ordinary contracts. They were written just for website design projects. A thoroughly written contract with 18 different sections. Different sections include maintenance and hourly rates, web hosting, refund policy, and many more important areas. Download from:

Free Prototype Review Form

Ganthead offers this free Prototype Review Form. Do you need to check the user interface you’ve prototyped to see where it is okay and where it falls short in presentation, navigation, functionality, on-line help and user messaging?

Risk Management Template – Free Download

Meetu Mahajan: Tables and/or matrices usually include risk details, mitigation, etc. However, we rarely show the risks in a pictorial manner where it is easy to find the major and minor risks and is easy to prioritize as well. This template helps to depict the risks in a graphical form, which should be easy to […]

6 Sample Letters to Customers – Microsoft Word Templates

There are 6 different formal letters included, each one to send to your clients for a different occasion. Below is an explanation of each letter.

What is a Functional Design Specification?

USWriter explain that the stage at which the supplier, in conjunction with the user, develops the Functional Specification, showing what functions are to be provided to meet the user’s requirements, stating what resources will be required, and providing the agreed basis of the system design.

10 Ways to Improve Your Requirements

Here are 10 of the best articles on how to write requirements for software development projects. Developing Requirements for Technology-Driven Products (.pdf 88kB) Discover ways to avoid the problems of 1) failing to define your product requirements up-front and 2) failing to adequately manage the maturation of the enabling technologies needed.