14 Cornell Notes Templates – MS Word & PowerPoint

Looking for a Cornell Notes template to take notes in college? We’ve found nine MS Word templates that are free to download. And, we’ve also included five PowerPoint templates as there is a demand for these as well. Why Use Cornell Notes? How do you take notes in class? One note-taking system is called The […]

15 Free Audit Procedures and Manuals

15 Audit Procedures and Manuals Audit Manual from the City of Tampa Internal Audit Department. Audit Manual from the World Bank. Manual includes audit programs. City Auditor Procedures provides all the forms used by the San Jose City Auditor’s Office

10 Free Postcard Templates – MS Word

Choose from a variety of postcard templates.

15 Free Newsletters, Flyer and Calendar Templates

Choose from a variety of templates for Newsletters,  Flyers and Calendars.

Free Music Staff Template – Sheet Music for Piano, Guitar, and other Instruments

Image via Wikipedia Microsoft Word template for sheet music for piano, guitar, and other instruments. The musician needed to write out some of the music I was working on, so I created a simple template with both treble and bass clef staffs.

Cornell Notes – Word Template

The Cornell Notes method is one of the most popular systems around. Instead of pulling out a ruler or calling your college bookstores you can use this Word template for Cornell notes. Cornell Notes Template If you’ve not seen the Cornell Note-taking system, it divides an 8.5 x 11 page into three sections: Cue Column […]