Sales & Marketing Toolkit – 60+ Templates & MP3 Audio Files

Whether you are an experienced professional looking for productivity tools or a novice looking for guidance, The Sales and Marketing Toolkits BUNDLED is your most relevant resource.

Free Target Audience Questionnaire – MS Word Template

Before you create your next training plan, take a step a step back and work out what your colleagues need to learn. One way to do this is to develop a Target Audience Questionnaire.

Business Location Worksheet – Deciding upon a location can be one of the most important business decisions you make. Use this checklist to ensure that you answer all possible questions about a location to gauge its strengths and weaknesses as a potential site for your business. Download –

Performance Management Presentations Pack – 15 Templates

This 15 presentation set tackles tough issues in performance management and provides concepts, techniques, and methodologies to overcome all of your performance management challenges.

Target Audience Questionnaire – Free Template

Creating a training plan? Before you do this, you need to step a step back and work out what your colleagues need to learn. Why? Well, otherwise, you risk developing a training plan that overlooks the areas where people really need to skill up.

Client Satisfaction & Testimonial Template for Creating Customer Endorsements

Built in MS Word for easy editing, the Client Satisfaction and Testimonial Template will allow you to capture customer feedback, measure your performance, and leverage the positive responses into strong customer testimonials.

Product / Idea Evaluation Checklist – Got a great idea for a product or service? Use this checklist to help you evaluate the idea to determine if you should start a new business. Download –

Petty Cash Vouchers – Microsoft Word Template

Use this to keep your petty cash in order with this form. Give it to employees to use when requesting and receiving approval of the use of petty cash, and to keep a record of petty cash disbursements.

Sales and Marketing Scorecard Template, measure & report your Sales and Marketing results

Built in MS Excel for easy editing and customization, this Sales and Marketing SCORECARD Template helps you measure and report on your monthly and annual sales and marketing results. Accountability just became achievable!

Homebased Business Startup Checklist – Use this checklist to make sure that you cover all your steps when starting a homebased business. Download –

Sales Rep Evaluation Checklist – Use this checklist when evaluating different sales representatives with whom you might contract to sell your goods. Download –

Income Statement – Quarterly – Microsoft Excel Template

Use this interactive spreadsheet to accumulates and total income statement items for four quarters.

Risk Management Worksheet – While insurance is a must to protect your business, you can also control your exposure to risk by instituting programs to minimize it. Use this checklist to get started. Download –

Income Statement – 12 Month – Microsoft Excel Template

Use this interactive spreadsheet to accumulate and total income statement items for 12 months to give you an annual report on your business’s income.

Office Essentials Checklist – When setting up a new office–or sprucing up an old one–use this checklist to keep track of the technology, furniture and supplies you may need. Download –