General Journal – Microsoft Word Template

Use this form to record monthly transactions for a variety of accounts.

Expense Report – Microsoft Word Template

Use this form to employees so they can keep a record of daily expenses, such as food, gas, phone, entertainment, etc., while on business trips and be reimbursed when they return. Keep the form on file for tax season.

Website Maintenance Contract Template

This document has 14 different sections such as Maintenance Limitations, Client and Third Party Site Modifications, Upgrading Packages, and more.

Security Requirements Form

Ganthead offers this free Security Requirements Form.

Cash Receipts Journal – Microsoft Word Template

Use this form to keep a record of cash receipts across various accounts during a given month. It will help you track cash coming into your business. Use it alongside the Cash Disbursements Journal, which tracks cash going out of your business.

Sample Intranet Project Plan

Ganthead offers this free Sample Intranet Project Plan.

6 Free Quality Assurance/Project Evaluation Templates

Download these 6 Free Quality Assurance/Project Evaluation Templates. Audit Project Evaluation Form QC Checklist Fieldwork QC Checklist Follow-Up

Cash Receipts Control Log – Microsoft Word Template

Use this tracking mechanism for cash-based businesses that also may serve to prevent employee theft and loss.

Software Testing – Daily Status Report Template

Anand James Antony/Balakrishnan Hariharaputhiran: This template is used to send daily status reports to the client or management. It provides a reliable and easy way to communicate the status of particular project activities. Download – Daily Status Report for QA Projects

Cash Disbursements Journal – Microsoft Word Template

Use this form to keep a monthly record of payments and disbursements (checks) so you can track the cash going out of your business.

Website Design Proposal Flowcharts

We have included 4 Flowchart diagrams (3 color and 1 B&W) that are easily editable within Microsoft Word. 3 of the 4 flowcharts have already been included in each of the proposals. There are 3 Flowchart diagrams for new website designs or redesign website projects, and another flowchart diagram specially designed for eCommerce Websites.

Functional Requirements Documentation for Control Software Applications

Covers real-time batch, discrete and continuous process automation systems. Defines regulatory, event-driven and time-driven control system actions. Encompasses both digital and analog control devices in addition to non-control actions (for example, operator messages and batch end reports).

Free Prototype Review Form

Ganthead offers this free Prototype Review Form. Do you need to check the user interface you’ve prototyped to see where it is okay and where it falls short in presentation, navigation, functionality, on-line help and user messaging?

15 Free Audit Procedures and Manuals

15 Audit Procedures and Manuals Audit Manual from the City of Tampa Internal Audit Department. Audit Manual from the World Bank. Manual includes audit programs. City Auditor Procedures provides all the forms used by the San Jose City Auditor’s Office