eBay Startup Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Ready to start your adventure on eBay? Use this step-by-step checklist to start your business off right. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Equipment Leasing Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – When deciding to obtain equipment, you need to determine whether it is better to lease or purchase the equipment. Use this checklist to compare the costs for each option. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Manager’s Pre-Dismissal Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – When an employee is leaving the company, use this checklist to make sure that he or she returns all company property and all paperwork is completed. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Performance Management Resource Pack – 175 pages

The Performance Management Resource Pack is great for organizations that have an established performance program in place, but are looking for resources to help them further advance.  The PM Resource Pack contains the following resources:

Business Plan Update Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Here are seven reasons to think about updating your plan. If one applies to you, it’s time for an update. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Financial Record Storage Chart

Entrepreneur.com – Use this checklist to ensure that you’re saving the right financial records for tax purposes and keeping them for an appropriate amount of time. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

37 Performance Management Templates

These 37 performance management templates bring structure and organization to any performance management initiative. The templates will save you time on developing and formatting performance deliverables and money on researching what information is most valuable to capture.

Petty Cash Journal – Microsoft Word Template

Use this to track your petty cash vouchers using the Petty Cash Journal. Keep it updated to track the petty cash flow and to keep a running balance of petty cash.

Free Target Audience Questionnaire – MS Word Template

Before you create your next training plan, take a step a step back and work out what your colleagues need to learn. One way to do this is to develop a Target Audience Questionnaire.

Lifecycle Performance Methodologies Guide, Performance Methodologies & Frameworks Guides

The Lifecycle Performance Methodologies Guide is a compilation of over 40 frameworks and methodologies designed to transform your organization to a high performing organization.  Complete with detailed information about the processes outlined in each formula, these methodologies increase organizational awareness, and simplify performance goal achievement.

Business Location Worksheet

Entrepreneur.com – Deciding upon a location can be one of the most important business decisions you make. Use this checklist to ensure that you answer all possible questions about a location to gauge its strengths and weaknesses as a potential site for your business. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Target Audience Questionnaire – Free Template

Creating a training plan? Before you do this, you need to step a step back and work out what your colleagues need to learn. Why? Well, otherwise, you risk developing a training plan that overlooks the areas where people really need to skill up.

Product / Idea Evaluation Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Got a great idea for a product or service? Use this checklist to help you evaluate the idea to determine if you should start a new business. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Petty Cash Vouchers – Microsoft Word Template

Use this to keep your petty cash in order with this form. Give it to employees to use when requesting and receiving approval of the use of petty cash, and to keep a record of petty cash disbursements.

Homebased Business Startup Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Use this checklist to make sure that you cover all your steps when starting a homebased business. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html