14 Cornell Notes Templates – MS Word & PowerPoint

Looking for a Cornell Notes template to take notes in college? We’ve found nine MS Word templates that are free to download. And, we’ve also included five PowerPoint templates as there is a demand for these as well.


Why Use Cornell Notes?

How do you take notes in class? One note-taking system is called The Cornell System. This was developed by Walter Pauk, emeritus, at Cornell University. To use it, you need a notebook as this let’s you enter handouts, rearrange, or remove notes.

7 Cornell Notes MS Word Templates

I’ve found the following free templates on the web. All are free and are in .doc or .dot format.

  1. coe.jmu.edu
  2. SDCOE.net
  3. JDowney Wikispaces
  4. www.dartmouth.edu
  5. www.scoe.org/
  6. weblink.scsd.us
  7. teachers.dadeschools.net
  8. http://www.timeatlas.com
  9. Cornell Notes Template pdf

5 Cornell Notes MS PowerPoint Templates

  1. www.avidonline.org
  2. www.sdcoe.net
  3. www.joyet.biz/
  4. classweb.gmu.edu
  5. utsa.edu/


I hope that helps. If you have any problems using these templates, let me know.

Have you got these templates?