Editorial Calendar Templates – MS Word, Excel & Google Docs

Do you use an Editorial Calendar template to manage your blog content? One of the advantages of using an Editorial Calendar is that it helps you schedule, organize and delegate writing tasks to other writers.

Without an Editorial Calendar template, it’s difficult to control what gets published where.

Editorial Calendar Templates

Why Use an Editorial Calendar?

There are different ways to use the calendar. Some web editors prefer to use an excel spreadsheet, whereas others prefer to use this free WordPress plugin.

I use different approaches based on the project and client. Saying that, my preference is a Microsoft Word template that I can use to control my blog posts. I just find it easier and it shows me at a glance:

  • Which blog posts I need to write
  • What meta tag and titles descriptions to use
  • Who else is involved in the content creation
  • When they need to be published and
  • Where they need to be shared

How to setup an Editorial Calendar

  • Editorial Calendars and Professional Blogging – You can create a basic editorial calendar in a number of ways – tables in a word processor, or a spreadsheet. Steve Rubel used a Google calendar for his, on the basis that prospective advertisers could see what was upcoming and purchase ad space.
  • Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog – Back in July I quickly explained what an editorial calendar is, why it’s important, and how to create one with this short video. I’ve been getting a lot more inquiries as to the specifics of it and so today, I present to you, a 17 minute video on creating one step-by-step.
  • Use an Editorial Calendar – It’s easy to create an editorial calendar. Create a table in a Word or Excel document. Across the top of the first row, list your newsletter publication dates. For websites, if you wanted to shoot for monthly updates, list each month. For a more frequent publication schedule (e.g. for blogs), you could list each week.
  • How to Put Together an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing – the editorial calendar I am sharing tracks more details to help you see connections in your content and get ideas on how you can repurpose

MS Word & Excel Editorial Calendar Templates 

I’ve found the following free templates on the web. The template from Denise looks very good (.docx format) and the WordPress plugin is also handy, though you need to be online to use it.

  • Microsoft Excel – Review editorial calendars to learn when relevant stories are planned for publication. Use the Editorial Calendar Template to track these opportunities, their associated deadlines and to maintain a database of media contacts
  • Here is an Blog Editorial Calendar Template (Excel) that you can use to get started.
  • Blog Editorial Calendar Template – An editorial calendar is a content plan that is laid over a publishing schedule.

Google Docs Editorial Calendar Templates

WordPress Editorial Calendar Templates


If you have any problems finding or using these templates, let me know.

Have you got these templates?