59 Brand Naming Templates

The Brand Naming Toolkit provides 59 templates, techniques, tips, and tactics that have been proven though years of experience developing names for companies and products for both large and small organizations.

The Brand Naming Toolkit includes:

The Art & Science of Naming Brands (PDF)—59 Tips, Techniques and Tactics Designed to Help You Create Memorable Names for Companies, Products, Services, and Events. This handbook addresses three areas of name development: Preparation, Generation and Evaluation, and includes several appendices of samples and resources you’ll find helpful.

Business Brand Name Template (DOC). This is a “working”, interactive template that elicits the information your naming team (even if it’s only a team of one) can use to focus on and generate relevant name candidates. It can also be described as a “Name Creation Brief”.

Product Brand Name Template (DOC). Similar in format and purpose to the Company Brand Name Template, this template considers product rather than company name creation.

Name Candidate Evaluator (XLS). This tool helps you choose your name’s most important attributes and measure the top candidates against them.

So, download The Brand Naming Toolkit and get started now!

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