3 MS Word Templates for Design Phase of Software Development LifeCycle

Phase five in the Software Development LifeCycle is the Design Phase. We have now finished technical documentations for the Initiation, Software Concept Development, Planning and Requirements phases. Next, we will write documents to capture how to design the database, system and the interface. 

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Microsoft Word Templates for Design Phase

This week we look at the Microsoft Word templates, guides and design document for the Design phase. This is one of the most detailed parts of the Software Development LifeCycle where IT Architects use requirements gathered earlier in the process to design how the application, system or database functions.

What requirements, plans and design documents do I need to write for this phase?

In this phase, you need to write technical documentations, such as:

  1. Database Design Document
  2. Design Document
  3. System Design Document

Download SDLC & PM Templates

You can download Software Development LifeCycle templates from the following sites:

Different SDCL Methodologies & Design Phase

Depending on the SDLC Methodology you use, for example, RUP or Scrum, the User Guide and Training Plan may be part of this phase. For others methodologies, these guides and manuals will be written in the Operations and Maintenance Phase.

Next week, we show how to write documents for the SDLC Development Phase.

About the Author: Aaron Ryan is an IT Manager who specializes in Waterfall, RUP, CMMI, and other software engineering methodologies. Download his free Microsoft Word templates at the Software Development Lifecycle Template Kit

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