Software Release Readiness Review – Template


Use this Release Readiness Review checklist to ensure that the project follows your software development process, your team has system identified interdependencies, developed release plans, and documented risks, impacts and contingencies.

Software Release Readiness Review Checklist

Use this Readiness Review to:

  • Confirm that affected departments have been notified and are aware of pending releases and the potential impacts.
  • Prepare risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans to eliminate any adverse impact that may result from the release.
  • Schedule Release Readiness meetings to review the deployment plan using this checklist as a guide. Meeting participants should include a representative from all impacted areas.

Project Identification

Project Name or Application Name Project Number Date Created
<Enter the name of the project. > <Enter the Project Number> <Enter the date>
Program Manager Project Manager
<Enter the program manager. > <Enter the project manager. >
Completed by:


Project Overview


Software Application/System Interdependencies

System Interdependency
<Identify the interdependent system>

Identify any systems, software applications, data sources, files, etc. that may be affected by the installation of the new or changed software application/system.

Potential Impact
<Identify potential impact to systems, processes, or its inputs and outputs including updates, reports, replication, performance, etc.>
Person to Notify
<Identify the person to notify of planned installation, deployments or changes to the software application/system.>
Notification Date
<Document the date >


Release Plan and Schedules defined

<Identify the release schedule and scope. Include release procedures. >


Risk Mitigation and Contingency Plan

Deployment Risk
<Identify any risks to the organization, systems, or other related entities that may develop as part of the release. >
Potential Impact
<Identify the potential impact. >
Risk Mitigation or Contingency Plan
<Identify a mitigation risk strategy or contingency plan for reducing or eliminating the risk. >





  Readiness Review Checklist
Testing Yes No N/A Comments
1. Peer reviews have been performed throughout the project. <Comments>
2. Unit, integration, and system tests. Build/smoke tests been completed <Comments>
3. User Interface and usability <Comments>
Documentation and Training Yes No N/A Comments
4. Training materials for Operations, Support and users <Comments>
5. Training scheduled for support, operations, and client? <Comments>
Software Configuration Management Yes No N/A Comments
6. Components under version control during development. <Comments>
7. Verify correct software version has been tested and went through checkpoints (unit, integration, user test). <Comments>
8. Notified impacted parties about Release Plan and schedule. <Enter notified parties>
9. Components are backed up and Recovery Plan defined. <Comments>
10. Post-production plan ready. This includes monitoring when the application goes into production. <Comments>


Program Manager Signature Date
Project Owner Signature Date
Support Services Signature Date
Project Sponsor Signature Date
Director Signature Date


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