9 Executive Summary Templates – MS Word

Looking for an Executive Summary template? We’ve found nine MS Word templates that you can download. In your Executive Summary, write it so that you respond to the questions that potential investors are likely to have. This will both help you write a concise executive summary and define the questions your answering for potential investors. […]

Stop Your Business Documents From Crashing

Is there anything worse than writing your Business Plan all afternoon and then… Word crashes! If your Microsoft Word files suddenly become huge and start crashing, here’s one way to fix it. I’ve creating some very large business proposals in Microsoft Word and learnt a few ways to control these documents.

Sales Plan Template – Guidelines for Prospecting and Account Management

A prospect is a contact that falls within your target market, but has not yet been qualified as having a specific need for your product or service. Every sales representative on your team should complete a prospecting plan to provide structure, focus, and accountability in achieving results.

Business Plan Update Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Here are seven reasons to think about updating your plan. If one applies to you, it’s time for an update. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Intranet Strategy Plan

Ganthead offers this free Intranet Strategy Plan.

Business Plan Templates (40-page MS Word + 10 Free Excel spreadsheets)

Business Plan Template | Instant Download. Business forms, checklists and spreadsheets.