21-Point Invention Evaluation Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Honestly evaluating your product against general, industry, market and product criteria will help determine whether it has a good chance of success. Use this checklist to perform that evaluation. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Business Evaluation Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Use this extensive checklist to make sure you get answers to all your important questions before you purchase a business. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Business Lease Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – After you’ve chosen a site for your business, don’t sign any lease without first going over this checklist. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Marketing Plan Audit Template for marketing strategy and activities

Built in MS Word for easy editing and customization, this Marketing Plan Audit template will guide you through a comprehensive audit of your marketing strategy and activities.

Business Plan Update Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Here are seven reasons to think about updating your plan. If one applies to you, it’s time for an update. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Sales & Marketing Toolkit – 60+ Templates & MP3 Audio Files

Whether you are an experienced professional looking for productivity tools or a novice looking for guidance, The Sales and Marketing Toolkits BUNDLED is your most relevant resource.

Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Before you begin your market research campaign, use this form to analyze the costs. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

Advertising Checklist

Entrepreneur.com – Before you launch your ad campaign, consult this checklist to make sure that both your ad and your message are right on target. Download – http://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/checklist/index.html

10 Ways to Improve Your Requirements

Here are 10 of the best articles on how to write requirements for software development projects. Developing Requirements for Technology-Driven Products (.pdf 88kB) Discover ways to avoid the problems of 1) failing to define your product requirements up-front and 2) failing to adequately manage the maturation of the enabling technologies needed.

Free Six Sigma Templates

A SIPOC diagram is a tool used by a team to identify all relevant elements of a process improvement project before work begins.

Business Needs Statement Template – MS Word 2003/2007

You can use this Needs Statement template to describe a business need or a deficiency in your organization, justify the exploration of an alternative solutions to resolve this need, and then provide estimated costs for these actions.