QA System Test Change Request Template

Ganthead offers this free QA System Test Change Request Template. This form will help you characterize the type (critical error, error, usability/interface error, logic changes, enhancement, methodology change, documentation change) and description of QA system test change requests.

Free Prototype Review Form

Ganthead offers this free Prototype Review Form. Do you need to check the user interface you’ve prototyped to see where it is okay and where it falls short in presentation, navigation, functionality, on-line help and user messaging?

3 Website Design Proposals

There are 3 different Website Proposals that come with your document pack. Each one has similarities and differences.

Intranet Content Analysis Matrix — Excel spreadsheet

Image via Wikipedia Ganthead offers this free Intranet Content Analysis Matrix. Use this Excel spreadsheet to help you keep track of content name, content description, perceived value, risks if lost, user group access, content owner, content creator, update frequency, development, conversion, estimates, work descriptions and those all important priorities. Ganthead:

Interactive Web Business Organizational Chart – Free PowerPoint template

Ganthead offers this free Interactive Web Business Organizational Chart.

Control Property Matrix for User Interface

Ganthead offers this Control Property Matrix that helps “define how the controls will function, their default values and acceptable value ranges, and whether they can be edited.”

Configuration Management Checklist

Ganthead offers this software configuration management checklist that “will check your project’s status in avoiding design omissions that could turn into serious production environment problems when those inevitable configuration issues arise.”