Capacity Plan Template (40 Page MS Word)

Download this 40 page MS Word Capacity Plan template to capture the IT resources required to support the functionality and performance requirements of your IT systems when operating at full capacity. Download Now for $9.99 – Buy Here! The Capacity Plan helps gauge the most cost effective way of provisioning resources and services by aligning them […]

Software Use Policy Template – Microsoft Office Word

If you’re looking for a MS Word template when developing your company’s software use policies, then use this to write your Software Development policies and procedures. Template Details These templates are supplied by Microsoft to help you ‘write a Software Use Policies.’ Template File Format Microsoft Office Word. Download You can download the templates from: […]

Petty Cash Journal – Microsoft Word Template

Use this to track your petty cash vouchers using the Petty Cash Journal. Keep it updated to track the petty cash flow and to keep a running balance of petty cash.

Marketing Plan Template with Step by Step instructions

Built in Microsoft Word for easy editing and customization, this Marketing Plan Template includes step-by-step instructions for each section: market research, company identity, target market, product/service definition and messaging, competition analysis, sales model, marketing mix, implementation calendar, and budget.

Brand Positioning Worksheet Template

The Brand Positioning Worksheet Template includes a how-to tip and sample worksheet to help guide you in your own exercise.

Marketing Planning Questionnaire Template

Built in Microsoft Word for easy customization and editing, this Marketing Planning Questionnaire Template gets at the heart of what you need to know to build a strong marketing strategy!

Setup Guide Template (29 Page MS Word)

Download this Setup Guide template to quickly and easily create a MS Word Setup Guide for your next project. Use it to create your own customized setup guide for ensuring that your customers can install their applications successfully and reduce the workload on your Helpdesk and Technical Support Dept. Download Now for $7.99 – Buy Here! If you want […]

Cash Receipts Control Log – Microsoft Word Template

Use this tracking mechanism for cash-based businesses that also may serve to prevent employee theft and loss.

Cash Disbursements Journal – Microsoft Word Template

Use this form to keep a monthly record of payments and disbursements (checks) so you can track the cash going out of your business.

Website Design Proposal Flowcharts

We have included 4 Flowchart diagrams (3 color and 1 B&W) that are easily editable within Microsoft Word. 3 of the 4 flowcharts have already been included in each of the proposals. There are 3 Flowchart diagrams for new website designs or redesign website projects, and another flowchart diagram specially designed for eCommerce Websites.

Auto Expense Travel Report – Microsoft Word Template

Use this expense report to record an employee’s automobile travel mileage and reimbursement expenses.

15 Free Newsletters, Flyer and Calendar Templates

Choose from a variety of templates for Newsletters,  Flyers and Calendars.

15 Free Calendar Templates – Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and 3D

Choose from a variety of Calendar templates, including Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and 3D.

15 Free Marketing Identity Kits Templates from HP

Give your business the visual edge with a unified look. Choose from a variety of templates such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures, PowerPoint templates—even restaurant menus.

Free Music Staff Template – Sheet Music for Piano, Guitar, and other Instruments

Image via Wikipedia Microsoft Word template for sheet music for piano, guitar, and other instruments. The musician needed to write out some of the music I was working on, so I created a simple template with both treble and bass clef staffs.