How Many Hours Per Week Do Actually Spend Working?

How much time do you spend working every week? I don’t mean being in the office, but actually working. You have 37.5 hours every week, but how much is actually spent doing what you’re paid to do? When I say working I mean developing real outputs (e.g. content); this includes illustrations, diagrams, publishing etc – […]

Posterous Tip: How To Add Tags When Blogging by Email? .

Do you use Posterous to update your site? I prefer to use Yahoo and Gmail to update the site rather than thru the Posterous site. Why? It’s easier to add images. You can add tags to your posts when you blog by email. Here’s how. How to add tags to Posterous blog posts 1. Click […]

5 UK-Based Technical Writers You Should Follow on Twitter

From Shakespeare, Graham Greene, JK Rowling to Colum McAndrew, Ellis Pratt, David Farbey. All have all one thing in common – great writing! As my career started in the Baker Street, London in the 90s, I’ve always carried fond memories of my time in England. Here are some UK based technical writers you might want […]

5 Reasons You Should Leave Facebook and Join LinkedIn

I’ve started to use my social networks, such as Facebook more strategically rather than adopting a ‘shotgun approach’. In other words, I try to leverage each site by seeing the opportunities it offers and then using these. Recently, I’ve started to shift away from Facebook and moved to LinkedIn. What does LinkedIn offer that Facebook […]

4 Points to Consider when Selecting a Style Guide

Q: I’m setting up a Technical Writing Dept. for a Financial Services company. What is the best style guide to start out with? We have no internal guidelines. This will need to be useful for both beginners and also more experienced tech writers A: The benefit of adopting a style guide is that it puts […]

How Al Gore Got His Groove Back & The Fine Art of Creating Great Presentations

Do you like speaking in public? It’s the last thing most of us want do. So I was surprised to read how Al Gore, an experienced public speaker, reached out to Nancy Duarte to improve his public-speaking skills. Here are a few tips for the next time you have to give a presentation. The Science […]

What Macaulay Culkin Can Teach You About XML-Based Technical Authoring Tools

Remember Macaulay Culkin? The child star of Home Alone peaked very early and, despite many attempts, never managed to make the same impact as an adult. Larry Kunz asks if a similar fate awaits DITA, the one-time golden child of the tech comms industry. Larry says that last week another technical writer asserted that DITA […]

Using Google Wave to Write Technical Documentation in Real Time

Maeve asks on LinkedIn how we can use Google Wave to write technical documents. Well, the first consideration is that Google Wave is not designed as a tech authoring tool but for collaboration and ‘almost’ real-time information exchange. Saying that, it does offer many benefits if you need to plan/coordinate/review documents in a networked environment. […]

Technical Writing Newsletter – Camtasia, Crystal Balls, Salaries, Metrics & Twitter

The first Technical Writing Newsletter of the year includes some interesting predictions on the future of technical communications, how to justify your role as a technical writer (i.e. metrics), news of Camtasia Relay’s UK Bootcamp and the results of the salary survey for technical writers in Israel. Ten trends in technical communication for 2010 and […]

How To Differentiate Yourself As A Technical Writer

Tom Peters says, “the value of services will continue to fall” and that the only way to survive is to differentiate yourself from the competition. Is this true? How do you as a technical writer make yourself stand out from the crowd? If you don’t, what impact could this have on your career? How to […]

Product Brand Name Template

Product Brand Name Template (DOC). Similar in format and purpose to the Company Brand Name Template, this template considers product rather than company name creation. This handbook addresses three areas of name development: Preparation, Generation and Evaluation, and includes several appendices of samples and resources you’ll find helpful. The Brand Naming Toolkit provides 59 templates, […]

59 Brand Naming Templates

The Brand Naming Toolkit provides 59 templates, techniques, tips, and tactics that have been proven though years of experience developing names for companies and products for both large and small organizations.

21-Point Invention Evaluation Checklist – Honestly evaluating your product against general, industry, market and product criteria will help determine whether it has a good chance of success. Use this checklist to perform that evaluation. Download –

Business Evaluation Checklist – Use this extensive checklist to make sure you get answers to all your important questions before you purchase a business. Download –

Business Lease Checklist – After you’ve chosen a site for your business, don’t sign any lease without first going over this checklist. Download –