Software Release Readiness Review – Template

Use this Release Readiness Review checklist to ensure that the project follows your software development process, your team has system identified interdependencies, developed release plans, and documented risks, impacts and contingencies. Software Release Readiness Review Checklist Use this Readiness Review to: Confirm that affected departments have been notified and are aware of pending releases and […]

Risk Management Worksheet – While insurance is a must to protect your business, you can also control your exposure to risk by instituting programs to minimize it. Use this checklist to get started. Download –

Risk Management Template – Free Download

Meetu Mahajan: Tables and/or matrices usually include risk details, mitigation, etc. However, we rarely show the risks in a pictorial manner where it is easy to find the major and minor risks and is easy to prioritize as well. This template helps to depict the risks in a graphical form, which should be easy to […]

Risk Management Plan Template

The Risk Management Plan is used to identify, evaluate and prioritize risks. The Risk Manager uses this information to prepare mitigation actions and contingency plans in order to counteract the potential impacts these risk may have on the project’s success.